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Creta Farms is committed to operating in harmony with society and the environment and thus sets great weight on matters of corporate social responsibility. As a dynamically growing, modern company, it has incorporated social and environmental action within its business practices

Coming from a beautiful island with a stunning natural environment, we have learned to fully respect the unique natural wealth we have inherited and that we will pass on to future generations. That is why Creta Farms is steadfastly committed to sustainable development. 

From the moment Creta Farms began operations, it has adopted “green” development principles in its philosophy and ethical commitments to Crete and Greece, Cretans and Greeks. We thus comply with the strictest national and international environmental protection regulations in all our activities - from the selection of raw materials to processing, maintenance and packaging.  

Furthermore, Creta Farms does not simply observe the minimum regulatory limits, but it sets - at its own initiative and despite higher investment costs - stricter standards, in order to ensure that it remains an innovative and pioneering firm in all areas, including protecting the environment.

Recycling: It concerns all of us

The management and staff of Creta Farms have a shared vision of "green development".

A vision that extends beyond the manufacturing processes at Creta Farm to the responsibility we all feel-and the actions we take as individuals-to protect the environment. This is why we have implemented in-house programs for recycling paper, plastic, aluminum packaging and batteries.

Liquid waste: Maximum utilization

One of the main goals of Creta Farms’ "green" strategy is to maximize the potential to recycle products, by-products and industrial waste.  This can only be achieved by continuing to make constant and significant investments in new technologies. 

Despite the high cost of such technologies, the results make all of us here at Creta Farms proud, because our company is ranked among the best firms in Southeastern Europe in the area of environmental protection.

In particular, the liquid waste deriving from the pig breeding unit and the deli meat production plant goes through a waste treatment plant, which through constant improvements and additions uses ground-breaking technology to treat industrial waste.

The water produced by the treatment plant is used to water trees and plants on the company premises, while a large part of it is used in other ways to decrease the company’s needs for fresh water.  In the near future it will also be used to irrigate crops and watering green areas. Waste treatment does not stop at liquid waste treatment. 

All of Creta Farms’ waste treatment facilities are high performance, whatever their function may be.

Solid waste treatment

The solid waste is recycled using a unique, groundbreaking, high-performance composting unit, which was developed in Japan and is now being used for the first time in such a large-scale treatment of pig manure.
The product of the composting unit, which is rich in macronutrients and micronutrients is used as compost, and helps to significantly decrease the amount of chemical fertilizers use by farmers and to substantially enhance the quality of farmland, which in turn improves crop yields.
Animal waste also presents a risk for the environment. Creta Farms has the only fully licensed animal waste treatment plant in all of Crete – an island where livestock breeding is a major industry.  However, we do not stop there.

THERMOFERT : Giving back to the earth

This is a 100% natural product without any organic or inorganic additives and free from harmful organisms and weed seeds. It does not contain any
organic or inorganic additives. A unique product, suitable for all food crops and ornamental plants.