Our Unique Recipe

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Using innovation as its vehicle and the rich in olive oil Cretan nutritional tradition as its ally

Creta Farms never stopped developing and expanding, maintaining those elements that make it a pioneering food company: its Cretan heritage and its loyalty to the nutritional value of olive oil, through which the “En Elladi” concept was born.  

The most possible substitution of animal fat with pure, extra virgin olive oil, was initially applied on deli meats and more recently in the “En Elladi Mesogiaki” product, thus adding to two of the most popular food product categories a unique combination of highly nutritional elements and rich flavor, due to the presence of olive oil in them.

At the same time, the “En Elladi” concept serves as the vehicle for the company to grow further and establish itself as the leader in the Greek food market and reinforce its global presence as an ambassador of Greek entrepreneurship and Mediterranean diet.